Professional Development

Our goal with GoNorth! is to provide lasting inspirational learning experiences and measurable student achievement.

To support our K-12 educators in integrating and implementing the GoNorth! adventure learning experiences in the classroom, we provide free professional development opportunities to all registered teachers and instructors!

33 CEU's - Accredited from the University of Minnesota

Using GoNorth! in your classroom? Complete this Adventure Learning course with our own Dr. Aaron Doering and earn 33 continuing education units from the University of Minnesota. Yes, it really is free! Sign up today and get started right now!

The course consists of four modules and is taken entirely online with Aaron Doering. All materials are available for download and if you are teaching GoNorth! in your classroom, you are basically "doing it" while earning education units.

NOTE: While the materials are available to you right here - you will NEED to register in order to actually be signed up with Aaron to review your work and earn your units.

The course is offered April 1 - June 15, 2009.

COURSE : Adventure Learning : GoNorth! Nunavut 2009

Download detailed course description Download detailed course description

Thirty-three (33) hours of continuing education units (CEU's) will be earned based on GoNorth! educators meeting the following objectives:

* Develop an understanding of the adventure learning theory to online learning.
* Develop an understanding of an adventure learning online learning environment.
* Develop an understanding of the mission and goals of the GoNorth! adventure learning program.
* Develop a comprehensive understanding of the online curriculum for GoNorth!.
* Develop an understanding of the online learning environment for GoNorth!
* Develop an understanding of the appropriate pedagogical methods to integrate adventure learning into the curriculum.

The syllabus consists of four modules:

  • Module 1: What is Adventure Learning? (6 hours of CEU's)
  • Module 2: Adventure Learning and the K-12 Classroom (5 hours of CEU's)
  • Module 3: GoNorth! Online Curriculum and Classroom (18 Hours of CEU's)
  • Module 4: Adventure Learning Pedagogy (4 Hours of CEU's)

You complete each module at your own convenience: day or night - at home or school. Upon the completion of each module, you will answer and discuss posed questions in written format. Your writings are then submitted electronically by email.

You will be responsible for becoming familiar with the course web site, as this will be used continuously throughout the semester. The GoNorth! adventure learning environment is located You should also be aware of the adventure learning Ning site located at which you will be able to interact and participate in the current University of Minnesota course entitled CI 5327 Designing and Developing Adventure Learning. Note, you must be registered with Aaron to enter the NING site!

Assignment and Grades:

You will receive credit for this course upon answering the questions posed within each module listed within this syllabus. Your papers will be returned as soon as Aaron returns from the Arctic with Team GoNorth! and after June 30th.

Certificates of completion will be sent out at the end of the academic semester to students who successfully complete the course.


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Doering, A. (2007). Adventure learning: Situating learning in an authentic context. Innovate 3 (6). Sign-in and read at
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Teacher Explorer

Join Team GoNorth! and travel for two weeks on the expedition as a Teacher Explorer!

Yes really, we are not kidding! And yes, it is free!

Registration is currently closed. Registered teachers will be notified in the Polar Husky Newsletter when this opportunity opens up for registration for next year's program GoNorth! Greenland 2010.

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Adventure Learn. Webcast

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Learn about adventure learning with Aaron Doering -

Watch webcast with Dr. Aaron Doering hosted by the educational journal Innovate

The ULIVE&LEARN webcast with Aaron discusses his article

"Adventure Learning: Situating Learning in an Authentic Context

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GoNorth! 101's

GoNorth! 101 is a two-hour  face-to-face session with one of our instructors offered in conjunction with our Polar Husky Tales presentations held at schools around the country every Fall. While there is a charge to have the Polar Husky Tales come to your school, but the GoNorth! 101 session is free of charge.

"Bookings" of Polar Husky Tales begins over the summer - If you are a registered teacher keep an eye on your Polar Husky newsletter for notification.

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Certificate in Distance Learning

Online Distance Course

Considering expanding your knowledge on online learning?

Take a certificate in online distance learning with Dr. Aaron Doering from the Learning Technologies program at University of Minnesota .

The education landscape is changing with K-12 students enrolling in online classes outside of their home school districts. Teachers, business people, and others affected by these changes can prepare for this dynamic trend by learning how to design and deliver effective courses online.

Certificate coursework includes face-to-face and online learning opportunities. You will succeed in these courses no matter how much or little experience you have with technology!

To find out more or to arrange for an on-site workshop on using technology in K-12 schools, please contact Aaron Doering at or
phone (+1) 612-625-1073.

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