Adventure Learning Keynote at Prestigious SITE Conference

"Designing for Learning: Engaging Students and Teacher from the Arctic to Australia by Aaron Doering

Charleston, South Carolina, US
March 5, 2009
at 8:15 AM

Aaron will be the keynote speaker at the Society for Information technology & Teacher Education conference, invited to speak about GoNorth! and the educational theory of adventure learning.

SITE Conference 2009


How do we design learning environments to engage learners across cultures? How do we design for engagement? How do we design to benefit humanity?

University of Minnesota Assistant Professor and Bonnie Westby-Huebner Endowed Chair of Education and Technology, Aaron Doering, will share his experiences designing and researching transformative online learning environments that have reached millions of students throughout the world. Doering will discuss two of his most recent projects: GoNorth!, an adventure learning program... Learn more click here