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Ecology: Climate Change

As supported by overwhelming scientific evidence, reducing carbon dioxide remains the primary goal in reversing climate change. But carbon dioxide is only one greenhouse gas. Other transboundary pollutants such as methane, smog, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons, chlorine, and some persistent organic compounds are powerful when it comes to trapping and affecting the earth's climate. And in some way that's good news-because they all have a shorter atmospheric life than carbon dioxide. Eliminating these powerful climate forcers have immediate impact and can buy us time needed to reduce our carbon dioxide levels to what can be sustained by the planet. While investigating the adaptations of flora and fauna to the natural environment and its climate, we will examine these climate forcers, how they affect our climate and how we can easily limit them. By acting quickly we can potentially change course for the overwhelming consequences of climate change in the Arctic happening now - and thereby protect species such as the polar bear from extinction. Chat topic: Climate Chaos

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