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    Education Basecamp (supplied by poster) said:
    Track the Team's daily progress in your classroom!

    I found this map yesterday which plots latitude and longitude.

    As the Team provides their latitude and longitude in the daily audio updates, I've been entering each of the latest positions to see how far they have gone.

    I'll provide you with the info to get started (there is no way to 'save' your work due to the way the website is setup.... so you will either need to keep the browser open all night or start new each day). If you are so inclined, you may continue to do this daily when the audio update posts to see where they are. :-)

    It is also fun to change the different map views by clicking on Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain.

    Qiki     67º31'N  -63º45'W
    What I did with Qiki was I entered it in the lower right, clicked Show Point and then clicked Center Red Marker (upper left) and dragged the red tack on top of the blue tack to show 'the destination'.

    From there, I entered each of the follow locations in the lower right section again and clicked Show Point after each entry.

    Pang      66º08'N  -65º41'W
    04/25    66º14'N  -65º33'W
    04/26    66º28'N  -65º30'W
    04/27    66º30'N  -65º27'W

    Have Fun!!!