.GoNorth! 2009 Poster

Support the free GoNorth! K-12 adventure learning program and the Polar Huskies on the journey ahead!

Add this year's poster to your Polar Husky collection, or make sure you get this fourth one in the five-year GoNorth! series...


The GoNorth! 2009 poster is 18 x 24 inches.

To receive your poster please use the form at the botom of this page to donate $20
(this includes shipping and handling)


Yes, we do indeed hand out the poster for free during GoNorth! events, and send out over 4000 posters to schools around the nation. We wish we could send out a free poster to every one of you who would like to hang it on the wall! Unfortunately, we do not have a sponsorship allowing us to do so.

But know that every penny of your donation in purchasing this poster goes to the development of GoNorth! and the delivery of the exciting adventure learning program free to more than 3000 K-12 classrooms and three million learners across the 50 states of the US and worldwide.



To receive your poster today, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the form below with you mailing and order information
  2. Click the Order button
  3. You will be taken to the University of Minnesota "Giving Form."
  4. Select your payment method
  5. Multiply the number of posters you have ordered by $20 for each poster and add your total on the following page in the Total Amount of Gift field - please contact us at info@polarhusky.com for a discount if you are ordering more than five posters
  6. Designate your gift by using the pull down menuto select ADVENTURE LEARNING
  7. Please select: Continue to enter in your credit card information on the University's secure site to finish the transaction
  8. Your poster(s) will arrive in the mail via the US Postal Service! 


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