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Need to download the curriculum? Not sure what's on the calendar this week? Having software issues in your classroom? Would you like to know more about how to integrate GIS? Got a brilliant idea? Share thoughts, get solutions and never feel alone with GoNorth! and adventure learning in your classroom, district, state or country. Support is here - for you!

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The Weekly Chat in the Classroom

My classroom usage of the Chat has undergone a subtle evolution from my initial usage in 2006 to this year’s expedition in 2009.

During GoNorth! 2006, I would always use the introduction to the Chat Topic from the curriculum module because I believed and still do that this was a way for students to focus on the topic.  Typically, this lasted about 1/2 hour, and preferably a day before the actual chat. This is time well spent... Learn more

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Use the Calendar   Techie Tucker   Polar Husky Novels   Polar Husky Challenge
The calendar gives you an overview of the entire GoNorth! curriculum. From the module to the expert chats to the weekly quiz, you can see what is happening when.
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  Looking for help to use some of the great technologies that have been integrated within the curriculum? Let Techie Tucker help you! Download software and tutorials and get Techin' with Tucker!
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  Read It! Arctic books, books related to Module topics, Polar Husky Novels for learners of all ages categorized in K-3, 4-8 and 9-Adult. Then write a review to be posted online!
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  Skip, walk, jump, skate, run - Phys Ed teachers join in! Challenge students to 'move and groove' the same distance as the Polar Huskies: 1000 miles and be rewarded with a Polar Husky certificate!
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