Mikkel Ketil

(Denmark) - Expedition Team Member

Mikkel Ketil


Mikkel lives in Copehagen, Denmark. When he is not to be found on a river somewhere paddling like crazy believing he can make it through any sort of water as long as he paddles harder (!) - he works as a consultant with the Danish Company Storm Management.

Mikkel's job is to help companies improve their processes and quality of their products as well as services. In essence Mikkel is a "problem solver" by trade -- He looks for solutions and finds great challenge in figuring out just how to resolve an issue, or overcome a challenge the best possible way!

At the same time he loves working with people - or personalities - and a big part of his job is actually to work with employees of the companies that he consult, teaching what is called "Six Sigma & Change Management," which is basically how to figure out to improve the way they work as a team and as part of a process! Mikkel is a co-author on a book about Six Sigma and several articles.

While Mikkel is like a fish in water in the corporate world - his favorite world is outside in the elements doing extremes. He used to work in the outdoor sport industry for several years as an instructor and guide with activities such as rock climbing, white water kayaking & sea kayaking, rafting and skiing - as a telemark instructor. His experiences in the field combined with his passion to work on team dynamics and as part of a team gives Mikkel a unique background for exploration!

"I am thoroughly exited to participate and being part of this absolutely fantastic program," says Mikkel.

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