Meet the Polar Husky Superstars!

The kennel of powerful Polar Huskies are true superstars of and the GoNorth! adventure learning program.

The kennel varying in size from 25 to 35 dogs, Polar Huskies are working dogs. A mixture of all the northern breeds, this kennel and their famous ancestors have traveled on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions for the past 40 years - indeed specialized forces! Learn more in Polar Husky World >>

Polar Huskies roaming through classrooms fuels curiosity and motivate learning. Whether in the classroom, in remte Arctic communities, in TV studios, on Capitol Hill meeting with Senators or on the trail - huge, ones, little ones, steady, broad and lean, keen, crazed, wild, mellow, red, black, grey and white - the Polar Huskies make it happen.

Scroll through the kennel on the left - and click to meet each superstar!


The Kennel has moved!! This Fall we set out to build a new training facility with working space and kennel area back in Grand Marais in northern Minnesota. But, snow came 'early' (as it always use to) at Thanksgiving - and it has kept coming! On one side it unfortunately put a stop to  building just a few days before the foundation was being poured -- but it has been brilliant dogsledding! For the first time since 2002 we have been able to train using the sleds which makes for very happy and fit Polar Huskies!