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   It’s a bird.  It’s a bee.  It’s Phenology!
               - Freja

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Retired Polar Husky Freja will post her daily "phenology observations" -that is, observations she is making about what is going on outside her retirement home near the University of Minnesota campus!

Check back every day! Just like the audio update, I will post every morning by 8AM CST and tell you about my observations from the previous day!


04 What a day today. On my regular morning walk the sun was already above the horizon. I remember when I started observing phenology for my reports I could see the moon on my morning walks. Sure I know the days get longer, I just seem to be more in tune with these things now... the season seemed to change so quickly since I have been watching for differences in my surroundings.

It was a dry sunny day, about 76 degrees for the high temperature. My
humans watered their lawn for the first time this year. I found a nice
spot under the lilac bushes to lay down and watch the sprinkler lazily
sweep an arc of water back and forth. Some European Starlings and robins landed in the yard and were bopping around the sprinkler enjoying the human-made spring shower.

I watched the birds dancing around for a while, closed my eyes and
listened to the other birds I could hear singing in my neighborhood. I
remember when I would only hear one or two birds, now I hear so many. The woodpecker breaks into the melody of chirping every so often too with his ratta-tat-tat.

I started thinking about the Polar Husky pack in Nunavut and wondered what they are seeing and hearing right now. I miss my son Beacon and the rest of the pack and am very excited for them to come home. I am looking forward to playing in the dog yard and sharing stories of what we experienced over the past months.

One more important part of the change of seasons I am looking forward to is sleeping! Summertime is down-time for Polar Huskies, you could almost consider it hibernation season for us. When we aren't playing we dig shallow holes in the shade to expose the cool ground, lay down, watch the clouds roll by and drift off to sleep.

I hope you enjoy hibernating this summer too!

-Paw Out
03 It was cool this morning, about 48 degrees, so I got to go for a longer walk this morning. Instead of my usual long walks by the river I went in the other direction to a walking/bike path that goes through the middle of the city a few miles away from the river and a I would guess a hundred or so feet higher in elevation.

The first thing I noticed is that it really smelled like summer. A strong sticky-sweet smell of weeds which come from... well weeds and wild flowers lining the path. The grassy areas around the path was very brown and dry from the drought.

I could hear the buzz of crickets and other insects in the weeds and wild flowers which was pretty cool. I don't hear those sounds by the river where there aren't as many wild flowers. I think that is because by the
river there are a lot of trees that provide lots of shade so that changes the habitat.

It is pretty neat how just a few miles can make such a difference!
02 Sunny, 72 and breezy. Well, to be fair it has been windy at times, a
little stronger than a breeze. I noticed the wind has swept away a lot of
the maple seeds that fell over the past week. Some of the seeds have stuck around in yards nestled into the grass. I can imagine that over time the seeds nestled in the grass will make their way into the soil... which will eventually make a new tree!

In my backyard today I saw a Tiger-Swallowtail butterfly hanging around
the Little Miss-Kim lilac bushes, they still have blooms. It was
mesmerizing watching the yellow and black butterfly flutter around the
purple lilac blooms.
June 1st and another cool dry sunny day. This is nice for lounging around and taking a nap on the deck but too many of the days are not good for the area where I live. May finished off with only .46" of rain, that is several inches below average for May in Minneapolis, MN.

Visually it does not look like we are in a drought situation. Water is
plentiful from the Mississippi River and inexpensive to use for irrigating
lawns. Grass is green and lush in residential lawns, starting to dry out
a bit in city parks.

Another clue to the drought is particulate matter in the air, a very fine
grit or dust, frequent rainfall would keep this at bay. I noticed lots of
humans coughing and sneezing from the unusual amount of dust in the air.

We are suppose to have rain this weekend. Paws crossed!