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It is very easy to become overwhelmed by the realities of climate change. What is
important to remember that climate change comes down to choices - to each one
of us and how we choose to live, and what we can do to make a difference. 

To stop climate change we all have to think and act locally to
make a difference globally!

Here are 10 simple things that you can do -
check out just how much carbon dioxide you will save by doing them...




Change a light bulb!

Change on regular light bulb with a
fluorescent light bulb.

150 lbs a year



Inflate the car tires!

Improves gas mileage by more than
3% - and every gallon saved is 20
 pounds of CO2 saved



Drive less
Walk, bike, carpool or take mass transportation when possible.

One pound for every mile you do
not drive



...your household waste!

The Average household waste cost
4,800 pounds - so, save 10 % and you saved 480 pounds!



Use cold or warm water
...to wash your clothes instead
of hot water

500 pounds per year



Plant a tree!

It will absorb CO2 throughout its life.

A tree will absorb ~ 2000 pounds
of CO2 in its lifetime



Turn off
...your Electric devices: TV, DVD player, computer

Thousands of pounds in a year



Save hot shower water...

...install a low flow shower head

350 pounds per year



Adjust your thermostat!

Move it down 2 degrees in the winter
and 2 degrees in the summer

2000 pounds a year


Avoid 'packaging'...
...when you buy products

Reduce just 10 % - save 1200 pounds