Trail Reports

Watch "Education Day" with team members talking about how the Trail Report and media is delivered from the field every week.
  LIVE every Monday at 8 AM CST from March 2 to June 1, 2009

Tune in every Monday during the live program to get the scoop from the GoNorth! Nunavut 2009 adventure learning expedition in the weekly Trail Report!

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How does it get from the tent on the trail to here?

Once a week the team stops for "Education Day" no mater where they are at, or what is going on. This day (and maybe another day if conditions are difficult) all the team does is work on delivering the Trail report and the media to go live on the following Monday.

At first it may seem like a simple thing to get done in our high tech world of today. But then maybe stop for a second and consider the conditions.

"When we first attempted hooking up to send out information for classrooms back in 1992 we could, if we were lucky, send out four letters. Three people would sit on a hand-cranker outside the tent to generate electricity to power a 4 foot by 2 foot, 50-lbs (yes, really) computer. And we tops had a 10-minute window a day to connect with the single satellite in the sky. Compared to this today is indeed a breeze!" says Expedition Leader Mille Porsild.

On the other hand, what we deliver from the trail today - on good days hooking up with high-speed connection using our BGAN from Thrane and Thrane- is sort of mind-boggling because of what the technologies will now allow. It leaves the team working hard and long 20-some hour days, in order to beam everything out.

Once its on a server, it is all pulled down by Education Basecamp at the University of Minnesota where everything is pulled together and posted online for delivery Monday morning at 8 AM!