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Tracker, the CEHD {stuffed} Polar Husky, is emBARKing on her own expedition to visit GoNorth! Classrooms around the world!

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Tracker's Travels: Tracker's 2009 Classroom Expedition

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Education Basecamp

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Latitude: 44˚54' N Longitude: -92˚47' W

Wednesday, June 3

This afternoon Tiffany left Education Basecamp and drove to Neill Elementary School to pick up Tracker. It was the last day of school so as the students left, Tracker and her cousin Shadow (who is from Ms Cureton's class in Illinois), wished all the students a safe and happy summer vacation.
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Tracker sang "So long, farewell. Auf Weidersehen, goodbye" to the teachers at Neill and came home with Tiffany for the evening. She was welcomed home by retired Polar Huskies Timber and Lipton. On Thursday, Tracker will return to Education Basecamp with Tiffany and help her wrap-up the program on Thursday and Friday and then spend the summer helping the team plan GoNorth! Greenland 2010.


Neill Elementary

Mrs Mottinger's Class

Crystal, Minnesota, United States
Latitude: 45˚00' N Longitude: -93˚21' W
Tuesday, June 2

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We had a fire drill today!  Everyone had to get outside
as quickly and quietly as possible including Tracker!
No barking allowed! Tomorrow is our last day of school
so today we did some fun math on the SMARTBoard,
and we learned about an artist named Laurel Burch.
Then we made fraction cats with clay. Tracker won-
dered why anyone would want to make a cat. We read about Bald Eagles. Their babies are being tested in Minnesota for toxins. Scientists want to know if the
eagles ecosystem is polluted. Just before lunch we watched the Polar Huskies in Nunavut. We spent most
of the day picking up our room and cleaning messy
desks on the inside and on the outside. We used
shaving cream to clean the tops of desks. Tracker
thought it was snow! When most of the cleaning was
finished we went outside for recess. It's been great
fun having Tracker. We hope she will visit us again
next year for GoNorth! 2010!
Monday, June 1

Tracker arrived at Neill Elementary School before 8:00 am on June 1, 2009. She spent the day with some VERY excited first graders.  They have been waiting for a long time to find out if she would come to our school, so her arrival made them very happy! 

We really enjoyed Tracker's Travel Diary. It's very fun to see how much kids everywhere have enjoyed her. When Tracker finally came out of her box at Neill she joined us for our morning meeting. Then we went outside to activate her GPS. Tracker went to music and helped the Neill Roadrunners sing our school song.

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              Watch as Tracker helped the Neill Roadrunners sing our school song


Maple River West Elementary

Ms Howieson's Class

Good Thunder, Minnesota, United States
Latitude: 44˚00' N Longitude: -94˚03' W
Thursday, May 28

When Tracker arrived, we carefully took her out of the box!  We were excited that she made the trip safely.  We only have 2 days left of school, so Tracker helped the boys and girls work on their 4th Grade Memory Books and clean the classroom.  She enjoyed her lunch at the school. She thought the 4th graders played a little rough at recess, but she had fun!   After recess, Tracker got to go watch a 1st grade puppet show and play.  Then she got to brush up on her Spanish skills in Spanish class.  After that, we played in the playground.  Tracker got to help us release the butterfies we have been raising in our classroom.  She enjoyed watching them fly away! The highlight of his day was watching the 4th graders that met their reading goals this trimester throw water balloons at their teachers!!  That was funny! She is spending the night with Aaron Doering’s neice, Anna.  It will be fun to have Tracker here on our last day of school!

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Burleigh Elementary

Ms Ahrens' Class

Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States
Latitude: 43˚05' N Longitude: -88˚06' W
Wednesday, May 27

Tracker arrived back at Burleigh Elementary this morning after a sleepover at the home of one of our students. Among other things, she made new friends, helped with piano practice and got to sleep in a bed!

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Today, in addition to the kinds of things she did yesterday, she had indoor recess, went to the Library and helped her science team observe our crayfish behaviors. We all wished her a sad good-bye.
Tuesday, May 26

Tracker enjoyed her first day at Burleigh Elementary. She was with us all day--writing, gym, music, computer, math (using the SMART Board), lunch, recess and ended her day with a special seat at a concert from two visiting performers.

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A lucky student gets to take Tracker home tonight. Hopefully she will get some rest because tomorrow will be another busy day at Burleigh Elementary!