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Movies of the Week Jun 1, 2009

Jump! (1:11)

Polar Huskies in action crossing a lead between 5 and 6 feet wide (170 -200 cm).

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  • Jump! (1:11)
    Polar Huskies in action crossing a lead between 5 and 6 feet wide (170 -200 cm).
  • Slow Motion (0:15)
    Mille's team seems like they are snailing-along (they are!) pulling into the wind as it gradually gets stronger and stronger.
  • Calling It a Day (0:12)
    We stop a bit early as the winds pick up another notch to get camp set up and knowing that the dogs will have to wait a bit patiently in their harness while we anchor some 'dead-man' (anchors) in the snow since we are on land and not on ice.
  • It's a Little Windy... (0:42)
    ...Out there! What turns out to be our last campsite on this year's adventure learning expedition.
  • Morning Check Up (0:30)
    To decide whether it's a day for travel, Mille goes out to see the conditions.
  • Polar Husky Beds (0:30)
    Its warm out though the winds howling - but with the snow surface getting hard for the dogs to dig into after more than 36 hours of high winds, Mille heads out with the shovel to dig holes and walls for the Polar Huskies to lay in.
  • A Tunnel Tent (0:41)
    Aligned with the winds the tunnel tent easily deals with high winds of 30-40 mile an hour which create long snow drifts behind it.
  • After the Ground Blizzard (0:34)
    Mikkel digging one of the komatek sleds free after the high winds settled down - it takes us 2 hours to get everything dug out of the drifts created and get on the move again.
  • Parking in Clyde River (0:20)
    GoNorth! Cool Scientist Shari Gearheard who lives with her husband Jake and their 19 sled dogs in Clyde River, sees us on the ice in front of the community and hurries out on her snow mobile to guide us to the perfect 'parking spot' for the Polar Huskies!
  • 45+ Miles in 9 Hours (1:00)
    The Polar Huskies cranked out the miles on our last day coming into the community of Clyde River.
  • Clyde River Helpers (0:27)
    Arriving in Clyde River it is not long before we have lots of great help!
  • BBC: Frozen Planet (0:26)
    Elizabeth White and Martyn Colbeck from the famous and most incredible BBC's Planet Earth series are in Clyde River to film a segment for the upcoming Frozen Planet production to air...
  • Dogs and Cracks (1:48)
    A group of hunters meet every Friday with our GoNorth! Cool Scientist and host here in Clyde River to work on the project Igliniit about sea ice...
  • Earth Day 9 (4:48)
    Ms. Jones' Class presents YOU with 9 things you can do to make a difference for earth!
  • 2nd Graders Adventure Learning (4:50)
    Student Explorers with GoNorth! Ms. Jones' class share their work over the months of the GoNorth! Nunavut 2009 adventure learning expedition. Wow! They have been busy!
  • Jake's Seal Nets (5:15)
    At the seal net our host Jake explains all about it and what it takes to be feeding his and Shari's team of 19 sled dogs with seals!
  • Running in Fan (0:18)
    Going dogsledding with Jake and his team of sled dogs running fan style! The whip is used to give direction to the dogs which way to run and where to go since...
  • Royal Visit in Clyde River (0:13)
    Representing the Queen of Great Britain in Canada, the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada arrives with her husband and daughter at the community center in Clyde River.
  • Embracing Life! (1:32)
    The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada raves about the incredible performance of the hip hop dancers and the importance of what they do.
  • Sharing Seal Meat (0:16)
    Before coming to Clyde River the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada visited the Nunavut community of Rankin Inlet where she shared some seal meat with Elders...
  • Governor General of Canada! (3:30)
    Head of State, the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada speaks to the community in Clyde River!
  • The Sea Slugs (1:29)
    Traveling around the world with their amazing performance mixing hip hop with traditional dancing, gaming and throat singing the Clyde River Hip Hop group 'The Sea Slugs'...
  • Hip Hop Pride (0:18)
    The local hip hop dancers 'The Sea Slugs' are the pride of the Clyde River community.
  • Hip Hop Bear (0:31)
    The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada receives a 'Hip Hop bear' from the Sea Slug dancers at the community center in Clyde River.
  • Shopping Trip at Home (1:39)
    Shari and Jake get their mail food order and with great excitement we play 'guess what's in the mail today'!
  • Dingeling! (0:04)
    About three years-old, Shari and Jake's pet sled dog :) Umiq is we believe very very smart - not least are we impressed how he lets everyone knows he needs to go outside!
  • Friday Night (0:11)
    Its Friday night at the Gearheard's and we all Mikkel, Mille, BBC crew: Martin and Elizabeth, Shari and Jake led by their husky Umiq make it a special night with some good fun!
  • Uangniq Atii! (0:56)
    Learn how to say and write GoNorth! in Inuktitut with Shari!