Its the next best thing to being there: see, hear...almost smell the Arctic. Watch movies, explore 360ºs, listen to the audio from the expeditin trail and beyond!

Are you a registered teacher? We are thrilled to bring you what we belive is the premier movie tool for the K-12 classroom: BrainPop, BrainPOP Junior and BrainPOP Espanol.

Each icon will take you to that site in a new window...



Educational movies with Moby
and Dick. Don't miss the



   BrainPOP Junior

Geared for K-2 educational
movies with Moby and Annie.



   BrainPOP Espanol

Educational movies with Moby
and Dick in Spanish.



See your Polar Husky BrainPOP Alert or Weekly Newsletters for the Username and Password.

We have to do this with some restrictions. 100 users can be logged in using the account. That means:

Please only have one computer logged in at a time in your classroom - use a projector if you have it!

Please log out when you are not actively watching a movie.

Remember that we have schools participating around the world, thus please keep the above in mind 24 hours a day.

If you have issues with logging in to watch a movie in your class let us know so we can possibly adjust our terms with BrainPOP.

We hope you truly enjoy this incredible resource.


See your Polar Husky BrainPOP Alert or Weekly Newsletters for the Username and Password.




Photo Journal

A photo says more than a 1000 words... Photos from the expedition trail updated weekly.


Expedition Movies

Weekly movies from the expedition trail, updated on Mondays... Capturing the moment and your imagination!


Classroom Movies

Movies that are used in the Curriculum and Activity Guide 2009, correlating with each module.


Classic Movies

Just like it says! Classics featured on from past adventure learning expeditions and today.


Daily Audio

For the duration of the LIVE program until May 22nd, daily updates from expedition team members.


Audio Documentary

Audio from the expedition updated weekly and audio used in the Curriculum and Activity Guide 2009.



Explore places 360 with the virtual QTVR's updated weekly from the trail. Zoom in and out, 'walk around.'


Module Alerts

Hosted in the Classroom Movies the alerts present the agenda for each module. They become available as corresponding module goes live.