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Neelam Singh: My organization World Resources Institute (WRI) does a lot at its office to conserve energy - eg. motion sensitive light, encouraging everyone to switch off their computer when they leave, using Energy Star appliances which use less energy. Apart from that, other measures we take to reduce our impact on environment include buying renewable energy, being close to metro station so that people can take public transport, etc.

are you doing anything at your to  conserve energy?

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Neelam Singh: I do like it -- my team develops standards and methods to create a greenhouse gas emissions inventory for a company, for manufacturing of a product, and also how to determine reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases by doing a particular project, which reduces energy consumption.  These standards are developed to make sure that everyone is using the same kind of methods to do these calculations and we can compare emissions and make decisions based on sound methods.

What do you do with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol team? and do you like it?

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Neelam Singh: I don’t think so.  I think a lot can be done but it will require strong political will.  The new US president is moving in this direction and other countries will hopefully reciprocate and do likewise.  However, it is a very political process and when decisions are made, there are many other interests that take precedence over environment.

Do you think our nations leaders are doing enough to slow or stop greenhouse gas emissions?

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Great question!

We got the idea from a teacher at Neill Elementary School in Crystal, MN! She asked Education Basecamp last summer if there was a teacher that might be interested in exchanging a stuffed dog during the program and told us a little bit about what she wanted to do. We recommended a teacher at Newport Elementary School in Wadsworth, Il, and decided we wanted to get-in on the fun too!

The Crystal, MN and Wadsworth, Il schools are (on their own) exchanging Shadow and Bandit between their two classes. We looked around and found Tracker to send around to all your classrooms.

We are having so much fun seeing what she is doing in each classroom she visits!

Do you know whose idea it was to send Tracker around the world? Were you excited when you heard this idea?

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It sure does!

When we are out on the trail, we are not able to shower. After a long day of a lot of physical exertion, our clothes smell and so do we.

Once we get back to Expedition Basecamp, we set-up the tent again, open the flaps, and air it out for a long time. Even then, it still is a bit ripe. :)

Does your tent really STINK like the kids in the week 11 expedition movie make it seem?

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One important trait of Polar Huskies is that they have very tough paws. They are bred and born for what they do and their paws are thick and oily--excellent for the conditions in which they travel. Another reason is that we travel for many more days--and months. Our average speed is 3 to 4 miles an hour--8 to 9 hours a day, for 3-4-5 months--pulling very heavy loads (upwards of 1000 - 1400 pounds)! In comparison, racing dogs run maybe 12-15 miles an hour for a few hours--even a day or, maybe ten days at most. Their sleds may only weigh 150 pounds, but since they cover so much more ground, their paws become much more sensitive and then these racing dogs need to wear booties.

Do your Huskey's get sore paws running so long?

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Rachel (from Scotland)

Like us, the dogs only have one rest day per week, usually on Fridays. And, just like us, the dogs are extremely tired at the end of each day. They work very hard pulling the heavy sleds, so "days off" are well deserved - and needed! What do the dogs do on rest days? They REST, sleep, stretch, eat, and then sleep some more!

What are the dogs doing on the days you call Education Day in the audio updates?

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Baffin's Biggest Fan!

Nunavut is extremely vast and so the animals vary with the landscape. Some of the animals that are commonly seen in this area of the Arctic include: Caribou, muskoxen, barren-ground grizzlies (a type of grizzly that is smaller than the other types of grizzlies found in North America), wolves, wolverines, foxes, hares, seals, walruses, whales, a variety of birds, and of course, the famous polar bear.

What are the most common animals where you are?

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Sometimes we get lonely and miss our families and friends, but we find interesting things to keep us occupied when we're in the tent at night. To entertain ourselves, we have been known to talk A LOT. We also read, fix equipment, film, write, play cards, study maps, read stuff from students, and sometimes even count tent stitches! :)

What do you do when you miss home? Could you bring anything with you to help you when you feel homesick?

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Yes. Sometimes they make burrows themselves and curl up in the snow, but we oftentimes will dig into the snow for them, and then they burrow themselves in the area we've cleared. This protects them from the harsh winds, too.

Do the dogs ever bury themselves in the snow to keep warm at night?

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