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Yes! And we are going to miss them. But, the thing is, it seems like our friends and family are always with us in spirit and thought.

Our families know that we do what we love, that this is who we are, and that it is our way of life. They give us tremendous support and love-which helps when it gets tough out there. We actually think it may be tougher on our families the months before we depart, because the "getting ready to go" pretty much consumes our lives...

Is your family going to miss you?

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Dogs, like people, can have a bad day though and be a little fussy. Sometimes the Polar Huskies will act like they do not hear commands, like running faster when asked to slow down, just to show they are a little cranky that day. It would be like you not listening to your parents or your teacher when they ask you to do something. You still respect them, you just might be tired or having a bad day at the moment.

Do any of the dogs misbehave?

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This is a great question.

Each dog has a primary role that they play within their teams. Each dog's position or positions can be found in their bios in the Kennel section of the website.

We also have a great movie that really explains these positions well. Be sure you Watch it >>

What are the positions of the dogs?

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You can adopt a Polar Husky at any time!

By making a $60 donation to the University of Minnesota, your name (or that of your class) is added to a list of proud sponsors and you will receive an official Polar Husky adoption certificate for your Polar Husky in the mail.

Your adoption helps to support this free GoNorth! education program and the Polar Huskies on the journey ahead!

Learn more about how to Adopt-A-Polar-Husky in the Dog Yard.

When can we adopt a dog? Do we have to do it before you leave for Nunavut?

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Patrick & Andy

Chitwa is the youngest dog in the kennel. This month (April) he will be a year and a half old. But just because he is the youngest, that doesn't mean he is the smallest... he is HUGE!

His BFF is Tucker! Of all the Polar Huskies, Tucker quickly became Chitwa's idol. He looks up to him and he has learned how to run and pull with him.

Be sure to check out the movie from week 2 showing Chitwa getting some lovin' from Tony. Watch it >>

Who is the youngest dog on the team and how old are they?

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What is the ideal time and weather for a dog to do its best sledding?

There is no doubt about it, the Polar Huskies like it COLD!

When most people consider it too cold to leave the house, the Polar Huskies are thinking 'this is the *perfect* temperature!'

Their double coat helps to keep them warm in cold temperatures and also cool in warm temperatures. That being said, there is a direct correlation between the temperature and how far we will let them train or run.

As it gets warmer the Polar Huskies run less due to the temperature. Also when there is little or no snow, regardless of temperature, they run less. This is because they eat snow to stay hydrated (take in water) while running, we call this "dipping snow."

We begin training in the Fall. We run through the Winter and Spring (depending of course of where we are in the world). And then much like you students, the Polar Huskies get to enjoy Summer Vacation. :)

You can read more and see some fun facts about the importance of hydration on the H2O page in the Polar Husky A to Z.

What is the ideal time and weather for a dog to do its best sledding?

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Did you read how much dog food we are taking with us in the week 3 Trail Report? Did you watch the video of us unloading the dog food in the Expedition Movies? How about Tony, Mikkel and Teacher Explorer Chris Ripken putting the food in bags for shipping?

The type of food is: Nutrisource Super Performance

We also have some 'fat' that we will be adding to their food... and the Polar Huskies looooooooove the fat! :)

What do you feed the dogs.

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You bet!!

We consider ourselves very lucky. Not only do we have a fun job but we get to spend out time with the mighty Polar Huskies!  They are family to us and they make every day a great day.

So to answer you question: Yes, it is very fun!

Is it fun to be with the dogs all the time?

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This is a great question too!

When we fly, the Polar Huskies are always in crates. These crates are not-only secured to each other, but they are secured within the plane. This is for their safety and for the safety of the people on the plane (usually only us and pilots). The reason this is important is because if there turbulence, the dogs could be thrown around and get hurt. This is also important because the pilots cannot be worrying about where the dogs are during take-off, the flight, or landing.

Retired Polar Husky Timber loves to fly! If he could, he would most-certainly go up to the cockpit and try to help the pilots fly the plane....another good reason they are all in boxes.

You said in the trail report you will be flying from somewhere in Canada up to Baffin Island. Where do the dogs go when you take them on plane flights?

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We've had all the Polar Huskies since birth. We are very close with them and they are very close with us. We consider them to be part of our family.

Much like you can tell when you brother or sister, mother or father are upset, sad, scared, or nervous...the Polar Huskies can tell when we are feeling those same emotions too. They have a great deal of trust in us and will follow our instructions and directions on which way to go.

If we become scared or nervous, we need to be very careful about how we let those feelings show...we could end up with 25 scared Polar Huskies and depending on the situation, that could make things worse.

As long as we're not scared... they're not scared.

Do the dogs get scared?

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