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From all of us at GoNorth!, Thank You!!

Experience GoNorth! Nunavut 2009 !
Discover and learn along with Team GoNorth! with sights, sounds and impressions captured on the expedition. Interact and collaborate - Explore the Arctic and our world!

Congratulations to our Zone winners!!! And thank you to all of you awesome students out there who submitted to the Zones. You are truly Polar Husky superstars!

On that note, the sleds and mighty Polar Huskies are parked in Clyde River and the journey traversing through Nunavut is coming to an end. Congratulations to our team on the trail for making it there safely!

With that and this being the last week of GoNorth! being live, it is time to put the spotlight on the adventure learning explorations in the classrooms around the world! While our four-legged Superstars and explorers on the trail have been reporting from Nunavut, the land of the Inuit people in Canada, learners worldwide have been exploring along… Do not miss highlights from explorations in the classroom: the GoNorth! students and teachers in more than 4000 classroom across 50 US states and in 30 countries on six continents!

But its not over yet... Make sure to join our final chat live with the team from Clyde River on Tuesday, June 2 at 1 PM CT and if you any last cool questions yet to be answered, get them off to the Questions and Answers by Wednesday for some answers from the team on Friday.

Enjoy exploring the tales of adventure learning in the classroom this week - maybe you will even get an idea for implementing GoNorth! Greenland 2010!

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Wk 14 Trail Report 2009

Qujannamiik! (Thank you!)

“I learned there is a place in the world where the sun doesn't set in the summertime” is 1st grader Lydia’s answer when asked what she learned with GoNorth! Yes, that is absolutely right Lydia! Actually, around the clock for most of this week the sun has been beating from a clear blue sky and by now it’s a full-out melt-down in the community of Clyde River. Coming across the ice, we arrived here on Monday afternoon with the Polar Huskies roaring! Cruising more than 45 miles in less than 9 hours, we knew just how fast we were moving at lunch break! There were definitely lots of hugs and kisses, especially to the Polar Husky veterans. Mille explains, “With what we saw the last ten days running on the ice, I knew this may be it for this year’s adventure learning expedition.

We had been hunkered down for about 36 hours before setting out that morning. A ground blizzard swept through slamming the tent walls, but also hardening the snow...”

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