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If you have questions, would like to schedule an interview, need more information about GoNorth!, or would like to obtain print-ready photos or B-roll footage, please contact

Education Basecamp

at University of Minnesota
Phone: 612.625.8550 



Need an expert on innovative, multimedia adventure learning strategies or the latest in online professional development? Are you looking for a GoNorth! wizard who knows about the pioneering adventure learning programs and its history of educational discoveries through the use of cutting-edge technology? Want to know more about the Arctic, K-12 education, climate change, Inuit culture, technology, and the environment?

If so, these GoNorth! spokespeople are available for interviews and speaking appearances.

Dr. Aaron Doering, Assistant Professor, Learning Technologies, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, University of Minnesota. GoNorth! Education Director and expedition team member.

Mille Porsild, Expedition Leader, Program Director, GoNorth! Expedition & Field Research Director. Owner of NOMADS Online

Chris Ripken, Social Studies teacher at Centennial Senior High School in Circle Pines, Minnesota - GoNorth! Teacher Explorer 2009

Wendy Gorton, 4th grade teacher at Hancock Park Elementary in Los Angeles, California - GoNorth! Teacher Explorer 2008 

Jeff Sipper, 5th grade teacher at Cuyuna Range Elementary School in Crosby, Minnesota - GoNorth! Teacher Explorer 2007

Mick Hamilton, 8th grade teacher at Northfield Middle School, Minnesota - GoNorth! Teacher Explorer 2006

Amy Vargason, 5th grade teacher at H.A. Snyder Elementary School in Sayre, Pennsylvania - GoNorth! Teacher Explorer 2005


Teachers and students who use the GoNorth! adventure learning programs in their classrooms as well scientists involved with the program are also available, upon request.

For more information please email us at or call Education Basecamp at 612.625.8550

Press Releases


December 04, 2009
University of Minnesota's GoNorth! travels with delegation of students from arctic countries to United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

2008 and earlier

February 27, 2008
From China to Chaska, students around the world collaborate in U of M adventure learning series.
June 15, 2007
Millions of Students Visits Russian Arctic: Despite Many Unexpected Obstacles.
March 25, 2007
Adventure Learning in Russian Arctic Goes Where Few Have Traveled
May 24, 2006
Polar Huskies Help Educate Students Worldwide: The GoNorth! expedition concludes the most successful Adventure Learning program to date
May 12, 2006
Northfield Teacher Answers Call of the Arctic: 7th grade teacher Michael Hamilton joins expeditions on moments notice
March 9, 2006
Best Buy Joins Minnesota Dogsled Expedition to Alaska: National Science Foundation is among sponsors for 700-mile Adventure Learning trek
January 12, 2006
Alaskan Dogsled Expedition Brings the Arctic to the Classroom
January 25, 2005
IBM Beacon Award Winner for 2005   
December 15, 2004
Meet a Polar Explorer and Husky During 'Family Fun New Years' Eve at Hyland
December 9, 2004
WWF brings the Arctic to Westminster to raise the urgency of climate change
October 15, 2004
Team of International Explorers and Educators to Begin First Leg of Circumnavigation of Arctic Ocean by Dogsled
October 15, 2004
Elementary Teacher Chosen to Join Exploration Team for Crossing of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by Dogsled
October 15, 2004
GoNorth! 2005 Team Profiles